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    How many ftds a month before you can do this full time?

    It depends on what you're promoting, as player values differ across verticals, whether it is Casino, Sports, Bingo or something more niche. It also depends on whether you're on Rev share deals, CPA, or hybrid. With CPA you get paid up front, Rev share is for the long term, once you've built up...
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    iGB Affiliates London conference - registraton problem

    The email should include a bar code, which you scan when you get there, or you can download your ticket into your Apple or Google Wallet. I don't think you can print your pass like at ICE.
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    Live Casino Suggestions

    What markets do you need them to cover?
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    Kindred Affiliates = Asholes

    Welcome to the club!
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    Skype of 888 Casino

    Check their T&C's carefully if you're thinking of promoting them. You are liable for players' winnings and will be invoiced if you have a large negative carry-over.
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    Account suspended, a written promise to me has been broken

    The same happened to me. a while back. The email I got was an automated one from their system. Just contact your Am and I'm sure he'll put it right.
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    Betfair Paddy Power are closing accounts AGAIN

    There is a difference between "no longer" and "significantly reduced". Not enough there to start the rumour mill.
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    Betfair Paddy Power are closing accounts AGAIN

    So not really an official announcement, just a rumour spread by an ex-employee!
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    So are they a Scam or was it just impatience on your part?
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    Need 6 FTDs - Community Help

    Why don't you just wait until you have 6 Depositors, like the rest of us do?
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    Redbet to Cease Online Betting Operations in the UK

    They stopped affiliates sending them UK players about 18 months ago, so although you could sign up and play directly if you are a UK resident, affiliates were advised not to send UK players. I guess it was the prelude to this happening.
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    Bonus terms question

    It's no mistake. Why on earth would you be promoting a casino where the terms are not clear or they won't provide an explanation?
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    Bonus terms question

    Why are you asking here? Just ask the casino, they should know!
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    Website for sale with over 1700 visitors per month (SOLD)

    You get about 55 users a day and you're making £€$10,000 a month? That's 120,000 k a year and you only want £$€xx,000 for the site? is that correct?
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    Am I Mad? Entering the affiliate industry in 2021

    Sounds like how I started. I got made redundant, had 12 months of money in the bank and someone said I ought to give this Affiliate thing a go. That was 7 years ago, and I have been full time since then. I did partner with an existing affiliate and did a JV where I was able to learn the...