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Feb 18, 2013
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Cyprus, Nicosia (30/05/2013) – Finelink Ltd, a Cyprus based online casino provider is proud to launch 247LiveBets’ new gaming platform.

FineLink Ltd is today proud to announce the launch of their latest gaming platform at 247LiveBet Casino. This new platform is designed to make online gaming as easy as possible, and with no software to install, you will be able to play on the site anywhere you wish.

The new system found on the 247LiveBet Casino website requires nothing more than Java to be installed on your computer, which is standard nowadays. Once installed, users will be opened up to a world of gaming, with 247LiveBet being one of the first online to utilize the idea of live casino games.

Live casino games will create a link between you and some of the best casinos in the United Kingdom. 247Livebet is one of only a few casinos to offer this feature, and they are certainly moving the technology forward rapidly. Using this system you will be able to play fantastic live casino games such as Blackjack, Roulette, Poker and much more directly from your internet browser.

The new gaming platform from 247LiveBet casino is one of the most sophisticated ever created when it comes to user friendliness. From the lightweight user control panel you are able to do everything intuitively from making a deposit, taking part in an online game or accessing the details of your account.

One of the most striking new features of this new gaming platform is the fact that you can play in up to five concurrent tabs. 247LiveBet Casino is one of the first online casinos to utilize a feature like this. Being able to play in four different tabs at the same time means that users will be able to engage in a number of different games all at once. This ensures that they are always getting maximum levels of fun.

In addition to the major features, both the casino games and slots have been given a major overhaul. Both of them include a new sound and graphics engine which has been crafted to bring the thrill of a live casino directly into your living room or bedroom.

Constantine Komodromos, Business Development Director, said “Here at 247LiveBet Casino, we have always been at the forefront of technology advances in the gaming industry, but we feel that this is our biggest accomplishment yet. We simply cannot wait for users to try out the new gaming platform that we have crafted especially for them. We know they will enjoy it and that it will take gaming to a whole new level for them”

About 247LiveBet

247LiveBet is one of the latest online casinos to make use of the revolutionary 'Distance Gaming' technology to put online gamers right in the heart of the action. 247LiveBet allows those who play online to view live casino games currently being undertaken in the Fitzwilliam Card Club casino based in Dublin, as well as the Palace Casino in the Isle of Man.

Designed from the ground up, 247LiveBet has been crafted with the customer in mind. This means that those who gamble through the site can look forward to a simple and efficient solution whether they are playing during the day or in the dead of night. All games are carried out through a secure web-based facility to ensure the best gaming experience. The live casino experience includes popular games such as roulette, blackjack, poker and baccarat. In addition to this, 247LiveBet is able to offer a variety of card games, slot machines, keno and much more away from the Live Casino experience.

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