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    Dec 9, 2017
    In my opinion, Youtube is a free platform to use for anyone. They probably fed seeing casino streamers earning tons of money without paying to YT nothing in return. And as far as I know, they totally ignore questions like why my channel is banned etc.

    YT is their platform and they decide who they like and who not and also they don't give 2 f..ks to explain anything to anyone...

    I know for sure if you are streamer you can negotiate to be paid not for the traffic you drive to the casino but fixed amount of $ for the actual stream. It's like to go to work every day for 9 hours and be paid for that.

    And if stream but don't have a website you can ask your "friend" to open a Youtube account and make a good quality comment in the form of an article with your affiliate links in it under your video.

    Once it's done make sure to highlight it and pin it so everyone who goes to read comments can see the comment...

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