How will Sweden's New Casino Legislation affect you as an Affiliate?

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    Aug 7, 2018
    as I think many of you are already aware of, the Swedish Casino market is going from Grey to White. Meaning that next year the online casinos that wants to be active in Sweden must obtain a Swedish casino license.
    The Swedish Casino will obtain a license. You as an affiliate will not. How have you prepared yourself?
    #1 many of current online casinos in Sweden might not be able to afford a new license. Are you working with the right ones?
    #2 Previously, Organic was king... What will happen now when your #1 keyword position on google becomes #5. There will be 4 ads above you. are there new niche keyword you can find that the casinos will not bid for
    #3 Social. Yepp, they will start doing Social Media - totally legit... you cannot... that is worrisome...

    these are just a few things I believe that will make it a lot harder to be a casino affiliate in Sweden. Perhaps I am being overly pessimistic.
    I would love to hear about what you think will change and if you agree with any of the things I wrote.
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