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    Nov 28, 2013
    Was doing some Google research on keywords etc today, and once again the scum bag hacker is using my Brand name. Worse, all casinos (bar 1 other) are from Buffalo Partners stable.

    The framed URL in these Hacked WP sites, goes to:

    Truth be known, Buffalo Partners et al, are in fact the WP hackers.

    Because, if they (BP) have terminated ALL the hacker accounts as they claim, then how is it, he/she has gained yet another account. I say Bull$hit. Buffalo Partners et al, are the WP hackers...

    aff links:

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    " Truth be known, Buffalo Partners et al, are in fact the WP hackers."

    This has to be addressed to IGB Affiliate, who is the proven #1 supporter of the Buffalo Crime Family in this industry. Not by accident, they do that proven knowingly and with intent. On September 2017 Alex declared on GPWA to the public, that Buffalo is and was never guilty of anything.

    Any questions?

    I fought against the AffPower Crime Family for years, and today they are where they have to be, in the abyss. This was only possible due to the freedom of speech on GPWA. The same with the Buffalo Crime Family. Others and I needed half a year, it was really a very hard fight, but with success!!!

    Before, during and after the BAC, complete alone, I spreaded the truth about IGB and their financial partners Bwin, 888 and Buffalo on GPWA and Twitter. As long as people have no guts as long nothing will be changed. No one will hear the truth, that IGB is crooked and SIGMA is not, only when the cameras are off. The only answer IGB gave with respect to this Buffalo revelations, they sent out a good buddy to GPWA in the role of a trouble maker with profanity postings and debunked lies. Wonderful, what a high standard, the lowest low of this industry since years. For me it is o.k., because I love two-faced people destroying their own reputation when the masks are falling.

    And when the so called "awards" will be given out next February, when they are holding them in their hands on the great stage with standing ovations, then look closely. You will see the imprint at the backside "Powered by Bwin, 888 and Buffalo Crime Family".

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