YouWin updates Rakeback Term

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    YouWin updates Rakeback Term

    Terms spidered on March 17th, 2011 05:16 AM
    SUMMARY: This term deals with Rakeback affiliates who are giving a higher percentage of Rakeback to their players.

    Rackeback Terms

    month.16.6 The maximum Rake Back allowance applied by or any affiliates must not exceed 30%. If any affiliate offers more than 30$, their account will be closed with immediate effect and commissions generated will be held pending further investigation and may be confiscated at the sole discretion of Upon violation of point 16.6, is contractually obliged to release the Affiliate's individual or company details to the Entraction Network as part of our contractual agreement, which may result in the partner being blacklisted on the Entraction NetworkVersion 1.3Updated 20.01.2011

    SUMMARY: The only reason for the warning here is to be sure rakeback affiliates note this new change and that their details could be given over to another company if they violate the term as outlined.

    YouWin updates Rakeback Term

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