YouWin removes predatory term

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    YouWin removes predatory term

    Terms spidered on May 13th, 2011 09:57 AM
    SUMMARY: YouWin Partners removes a term which could have been used to terminate an affiliate account unnecessarily. Thank you, YouWin!

    Removal of Predatory Term

    3.7. To actively promote and market the YouWin brand throughout the partnership. Actively promoting the YouWin brand is understood as using the best efforts to effectively advertise, market and promote the Brand as widely as possible in order to maximise the mutual benefits of the partnership. Failure to do so shall constitute breach of Agreement and be subject to termination in accordance with this Agreement.

    To use only a link provided within the scope of the Partner Programme, otherwise no warranty whatsoever can be assumed for proper registration and sales accounting. Also, not to change or modify in any way any link or marketing material without prior written authorisation from the Partner Programme.

    SUMMARY: This is an excellent update to the terms. We requested, they promptly answerd! Thanks again to YouWin Partners.

    YouWin removes predatory term

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