YouWin changes terms to become affiliate-friendly

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    YouWin changes terms to become affiliate-friendly

    Terms spidered on August 17th, 2011 10:23 AM
    SUMMARY: A big thanks to Elaine and YouWin for making excellent changes to their terms!

    Minimum Activity Removal

    3.9 All Youwin affiliates are required to refer a minimum of 5 active Customers within a three month period of joining the program. Should an affiliate not reach this requirement the affiliate account will be manually reviewed and may be subject to closure.

    Collusion and Fraud

    3. Collusion and Fraud

    3.1 The term "fraud" in refer to affiliate collusion is an attempt by an affiliate or group of affiliate to generate fraudulent commission with a coordinated effort. Collusion shall include but not be limited to:.
    Coordinated bonus about in an attempt to artificially increase commissions,. Coordinated betting where such bets are made as an effort to artificially increase commissions,. Offering players financial incentives for the purpose of gaining a rebate from your affiliate commissions,. Duplicate affiliate and/or player accounts for the purpose of collusion and. Any other act which may determine through detailed investigation as being used to generate fraudulent commissions.

    SUMMARY: Collusion and Fraud was added to the terms in place of 'Minimum Activity'. This was a suggestion by AGD to allow them to trap fraud while not forcing affiliates into unfavorable terms.

    YouWin changes terms to become affiliate-friendly

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