XAMPP Install Issue

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    Nov 28, 2013
    OS: Win7 (service pack 1) 64 bit
    All updates are installed.

    Installed xampp. Able to connect to phpmyAmin and also xampp GUI.
    Add passwords to gui and mySQL.

    Went to run a site: localhost/mydevelopmentproject and only get a blank page.

    I remembered there is a conflicting port issue with Skype because it uses port 80 and port 443 as secondary listening ports. Xampp defaults to port 80 and 443. Easier to change xampp ports.

    So I Changed http.config (Listen to: 8080) etc etc.
    Changed http-ssl.config (Listen 4433) etc etc.

    But still I'm getting a blank page on localhost/mydevelopmentproject, when I should be getting a WP install screen.

    I'm surprised this is happening because I did a fresh install of my OS 10 or so days ago and apart from what I need, nothing else is running on the system. I had this setup and working before the fresh OS install and I followed the exact procedure.

    I'm at a lose to what is wrong. I'd appreciate some help if anyone has any suggestions?

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    Sep 20, 2014
    Are you taking about WAMP or XAMPP, xampp is Linux. WAMP is windows versio Is port 443 empty? by default WAMP and XAMPP use both 80 and 443

    on a Windoze PC check your services for web servers. IIS or another instances of WAMP.

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