Wordpress Menu Problems

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    Wordpress Menu Problems

    If I use a page to create content.. And then add that page to the menu. It seems I cant add posts automatically to that page.. So when I add new slots pages they float around in no-mans land. Vice Versa if I add slots as posts It seems I have to create categories for them to "fit into". In order for the posts to show I have to add categories to the menu.. If I do that then the Category is the menu and I cant add any content to that "page" that displays as the category..

    So i either have a Menu made up of categories with no content. Or I have pages made up of content with no slot posts added.

    Am I missing something ?
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    Yep, you're definitely missing something:

    In Wordpress - pages are static, individual pages of content. There's no way you can automatically add content to them - they are not categories.

    Posts - posts can be added to categories you create. They get automatically posted to the category or categories you have chosen to add them to.

    Categories - Think of categories as folders in which you would find content. IE: You might have a Rival Slots folder/category. You would add all your posts that are relevant to Rival Slots to that category.

    Menus - If you want a menu that links to categories where you can find the latest posts/casino reviews or whatever, then forget about using the 'pages' thing in Wordpress altogether.

    The menu structure should works something like this:

    Homepage > Category Page (this will automatically show excerpts or full posts) > Individual Post

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