Why do programs say they have processing when they really don't?

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    Dec 14, 2006

    I'm getting fed up with U.S. facing programs claiming to have great processing, when in reality they do not.

    Familiar scenario: An affiliate manager claims to have good processing. I send a thousand or so visitors. At the end of the month, I see 1 new player and a single $50 deposit. WTF?? :mad:

    I've fallen into this trap so many times, it isn't funny anymore. Going forward, I will not pay as much attention to statements about processing from affiliate managers; only comments from other affiliates will hold any real value with me (e.g.: "ABC Casino seems to be converting really well this month").

    The only exception to this rule might be if an affiliate manager tells me that they have lost a processor immediately after it happens, and then comes back later and tells me when new processing is in place.

    If you help me maximize my overall earnings by sharing information like that, I may reduce your exposure temporarily if you lose processing, but you can be sure that I will remember the heads up later on....

    But if you just let me continue sending traffic knowing you can't accept deposits, that's a great way to get your brands kicked off my sites permanently.

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    You're not the only one. A little honesty from USA focused casinos would be useful. But, of course, you can understand why they would be less than forthright about processing issues. All programs want to bring in the maximum number of players they can.

    This is, being frank, fair enough from their perspective, but, as Engineer points out, decreases our income as well as our trust in that particular program and, indeed, trust in all USA facing programs.

    We can, inevitably, share info here on AGD, but there's always the caveat that 'some brands convert better on one site than other'. And, of course, that's true: if you push Rival Brand X as your #1 casino over Vegas Tech Brand Y, the chances are you're going to get more sign-ups at Rival Brand X.

    However, there may be people on this forum who have better comparison/conversion/processing information. These could be sites where the whole conversion process takes place on the affiliate site. These are the sites that would know, for example, that Rival Casino Z converts better than Rival Casino A but doesn't have the lifetime value of RTG Casino B.

    Obviously, if you are looking to maximise your earnings, these are the people who you might consider PM'ing or encouraging to contribute to this thread.
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    I agree with a lot of things here. Since (as everyone knows), I promote Rival casinos probably at the forefront (smart??? maybe not). I have gotten the 'processing is good now' many, many times from most of the places I promote when clearly it has not been.

    It is frustrating and takes my income down quite a bit. I have stopped promoting some of the places that have done that to me. It's crazy. Had they told me they were having problems (one of them did), I would keep them up (which I did).

    As far as sharing information - any ideas? It is tough considering some sites can convert the crap out of Casino X, but another site can't get a single player there. There are so many factors to why this happens... keywords are a big factor as far as I have noticed. The only way for this information to be relatively accurate is to have a large gradient to work with (i.e., a large number of websites).

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    Feb 22, 2011
    Guys and to be PC, ladies.

    We know that a lot of US Facing brands has processing, and will have these for many awhile still

    If your sites are getting the traffic, then start focsussing on NON US Brands. I am sure that you might feel the revenue drop for a month or two, but definetely will earn more than what you earning from US brands.

    Just a thought, trying to be devils advocate. ;)

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    Dec 2, 2010
    Had this exact conversation 3-4 times last week. The best thing to do is to actually tell your affiliates "hey its down, but we're going to be bringing it back up another one in xxx days."

    I understand that there are issues with US player processing, and its high risk - but it would be nice to know when processing is down, so that quick link switch can be made till processing is back up.. instead of finding out the hard way and never promoting the group again.

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