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    Dear AGD members,

    As you might have heard, we’ve been busy with new projects recently. More details below, but in a nutshell we believe the next 3 months will see Virgin Games dramatically raise its profile through increased marketing investment and innovative platform and product improvements. With your help of course.


    The new designs address two primary focus points: acquisition - strong signup calls to action on all pages for logged out visitors - and usability - fed from best practice, multiple usability test sessions and existing players’ feedback.

    More than 500 of our players have responded to our Beta site feedback survey so far, and the results are very encouraging: 92% of respondents consider the new sites user friendly, while 89% find them fun to use.

    Tracking links. If you're one of our affiliates, currently directing your traffic to our homepages or use our deep-linking functionalities, your affiliate trackers have been remapped and now automatically redirect to the corresponding pages on new sites. No need for you to do anything. Try your links!

    All secondary pages, from game categories down to actual game pages, are now fully optimized for acquisition with strong bonus messages and signup calls to action clearly visible at all times. Since we’ve also added more than 240 deep-links to our affiliate system, now is the perfect time to link your content more relevantly, i.e. a game review pointing directly to a game page. Deep-linking also allows you to send your traffic to the Virgin Games portal page or directly to the registration page if you so wish.

    . New Virgin Casino homepage: Casino Games, Virgin Casino, Online Slots
    . New Virgin Bingo homepage: Bingo Games, Virgin Bingo, Online Bingo Games
    . New Virgin Poker homepage: Poker Games, Virgin Poker, Online Poker Games
    . Example of a deep-linked game page:


    We’ve re-engineered our dated registration process and introduced a very inviting and intuitive 3 step signup process, aimed at increasing registration and deposit rates. I strongly believe this will only build up on an already strong cash registration rate (42% on average this year) and that you will benefit by reducing failed leads.

    Check it out here: Join Virgin Games and claim your Welcome Bonus today. Casino games, online Bingo, Poker, Slots


    In order to meet customer demands for mobile access, Next month (October) will see Virgin Casino launching a mobile version of its casino that is integrated into our bespoke built gaming platform. This means players will be able to use their Virgin Games account to login, deposit, withdraw and play, just as they would on their PC. Benefit to you is that you will automatically earn commissions on your players’ mobile gameplay.

    The mobile site will initially offer Microgaming’s mobile games content including Thunderstruck and Tomb Raider slots. Virgin Games plans to launching additional content suppliers into its mobile casino in a similar fashion their internet offering which has games from suppliers including IGT. The Virgin Casino web app uses browser sniffing to redirect Android and iPhone smartphone users directly to the mobile site.

    For insight on our mobile casino product and mobile gaming/advertising in general, check out our blog: CAN TOUCH THIS


    Another big one. Our bonus tool was showing signs of fatigue, and didn’t allow us to be as competitive as we wanted on the welcome bonus front. Well, this is soon over, and our new in-house built system, going live early October, will be more flexible, allowing for free cash bonuses, free spins promotions, and much more…

    Our welcome bonuses will change for the better, and we’ll let you know towards the end of September what new attractive offers you’ll be able to advertise.

    FEEL THE TV UPLIFT (new campaign on air next Monday, 19th September for 10 weeks)

    Thanks to Ricardo our bearded jalapeno, UK TV Bingo advertising has performed well above expectations for us this year. And it did work very well for our affiliates too: our registration rates shoot up by an average of 25% across all acquisition sources (affiliates included) whenever we run TV, with an average of 20% uplift in cash registrations.

    Since we are spending much more on TV in September/October/November than we ever did in, now is a great opportunity to push us more heavily and benefit from the halo effect we’re expecting from this unprecedented TV burst.


    Bit of housecleaning to end up in style: the following 3 games have been discontinued by IGT: Three Card Poker, Three Card Poker Player Suite, Multi-Hand Three Card Poker. They’re coming off our sites tomorrow, and we’ll appreciate if you could go through your reviews if needed and take them off as well. Thanks.

    As you see, plenty of reasons to push Virgin Games in the coming months. Everything we’ve worked on lately has been designed to improve conversions and retention, which will undoubtedly improve both our bottom lines. We hope you’ll be part of this new dawn.

    As usual we’re here if you have any questions.

    Onwards and upwards!
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