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    Dear AGD Members,

    Apologies in advance for a long Monday lunchtime (GMT) read, but we don’t think you will regret it :)

    Virgin Games has now started converting affiliate tablet traffic very seriously for the past 5 days.

    Virgin iPad Casino (best viewed on tablets), running our mix of 16 IGT + Microgaming mobile games, was soft launched last week at Our tablet traffic is now redirected there instead of our mobile casino site

    As far as we know, this is the first full scale iPad & Tablet casino standalone web app, designed specifically for tablets users. It’s accessible directly via the URL above or through our redirection engine, whereby users trying to access our web or mobile sites from a tablet will be redirected to T.

    Being a web app, it’s available from a browser - not an app store - making it – you guessed it –very affiliate-friendly.

    As described in my IGB Mag article on Tablet casino affiliate marketing (a few months old), usage data indicate that tablets are the perfect device for online gambling, while market size projections are going through the roof. Just think about how many of your friends/family/acquaintances will get a tablet this Christmas.

    Most online Casinos offer little more than a splash page for tablet users, followed by a redirection to a standard mobile website. We’ve done things differently by making the actual website an integral part of the tablet experience. What does this mean to our affiliates:

    If you don’t promote Mobile & Tablets:

    No need for you to do anything, our automated redirection engine takes care of your traffic from tablet users, except this time it’s redirected to a site that will convert better.

    Naturally our affiliate tracking follows and single wallet applies, meaning our affiliates are already earning commission from their tablet players, wherever they play.

    If you do promote Mobile & Tablets:

    If you target iPad Casino or tablet casino traffic, we want to show you how this traffic can be monetized, by pointing your tablet visitors to a real tablet experience. If Google Analytics is anything to go by, your users WILL know the difference.

    Our tablet site offers 3 signup bonuses, loyalty rewards and retention bonuses across all our platforms (mobile/tablet/web), and tablet gameplay is aggregated with mobile gameplay in your affiliate reports. As for affiliate tracking links, once again no need for you to change them if you don’t want to, we’ll take care of redirecting your tablet users to the tablet site for you.

    Any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at affiliates[at]


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