Unibet adds Unibet API to terms

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    Unibet adds Unibet API to terms

    Terms spidered on April 11th, 2013 10:52 AM

    SUMMARY: The API clause was added to govern the use of the API Feed to affiliate websites.

    Unibet API


    5.1 In case the Affiliate is granted by Unibet the possibility to use Unibet API in order to obtain feed for advertising banners the affiliate can use on its website to promote Unibet, the Affiliate guarantees not to:

    communicate to any third party its username, password, key and any others identifiers enabling access to the Unibet API platform,

    enable any third party to access the Unibet API in any way,

    provide any feed from the Unibet API platform to any third party.

    5.2 The Affiliate understands and acknowledges that the Unibet API is a Beta version, that can contain some bugs or technical failure. Unibet shall not be responsible for any bug, virus, technical failure, loss of data, damage caused to the material of the Affiliate, total or partial availability of the Unibet API, nor for any error occurring on the Unibet API platform or on the Affiliates website.

    SUMMARY: The API clause is a simple update to provide guidelines to the proper use of their affiliate feeds.

    Unibet adds Unibet API to terms

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