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    Aug 26, 2009
    What is your top affiliate program(s) for the UK players? The best in the terms of retention, player value, conversions & of course reputation. :)

    KasinoKing Player turned affiliate. Staff Member

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    Aug 10, 2009
    The best in the terms of retention, conversions & of course reputation: Videoslots
    But they are the WORST in terms of earnings per £ deposited (player value), as detailed plenty of times in other threads here at AGD.

    Best player value for me: GUTS
    The last 6 moths average (including one negative month): NGR = 53% of Deposits.
    (For comparison, my last 4 months at VS (no negative months): NGR = 7.6% of deposits)

    Note: In both cases I have included ALL my players - not just UK players.

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    Sep 15, 2010
    for last months my NGR for guts was 81.18% lol unless i did not calculate correct.

    Deposits (only 1 player active): €343.00
    gross player: €381.21
    net player: €278.46
    bonus: -€102.75
    gross revenue: €381.21
    Revenue: €111.38

    That gives me revenue commission share of 39,99% (im on a 40% deal). But i though i only got around 25% after deductions, but from that other month i took these figures, then it looks very nice.

    Surely can not be right? i got this by using "net player" and "my revenue" to be paid €278.46/€111.38

    Or am i wrong here?

    No matter what figures looks strange to me. What i think is that the player had more money in account from month before or made deposit last days before new month which make figures this. As why is Gross player 381.21? deposits are 343. and bonus deductions -102.75.

    From what i understand €102.75 are deductions including admin fees etc?
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    AussieDave 18 years & still going!

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    Nov 28, 2013
    The Player made €343.00 total deposits.
    Why is the €102.75 bonus, not being added to that figure, which would represent the total GGR: €445.75

    From GGR, the bonus is then deducted (clearing itself out). Then fees etc, are deducted, which should leave you with NGR.

    Only way the above calculations would be wrong, is if the player withdraw the bonus value, or part of it.

    I found Guts and other places use some bizarre calculations, which, if your not careful, the bonus (lost back to the casino), is not added to GGR and then subtracted from GGR (clearing itself out) but instead...deducted as a 100% total loss from GGR.

    @PaaskeUK - With your above figures, you've been stung €269.83 in GGR deductions, leaving you with commission: €111.38

    It would seem the bonus is the culprit here.

    If the bonus was not withdrawn (which I'm guessing it wasn't), then your commission would be a lot healthier.

    I kicked Guts and other like them to the curb long ago. To me they use quasi calculations, which, end up costing the affiliate far more than they should be paying in fees and deductions.

    The other thing to be wary of... Whatever RevShare rate your on, lets say 30%, then you SHOULD ONLY be charged 30% of the related fees/charges. Another program trick is to...Hit affiliates for 100% of the fees/charges.

    At the end of the day, it's basic 101 book keeping.
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    May 3, 2017
    I've only been running my site for a little less than three months (sports) and I'm finding a massive disparity between my two headline books. Bet365 is hard to get new members as many people are already users. I have 4 FTDs and so far they've generated me £190 this month. Sun Bets I have 26 FTDs and they're turning over very little, generating me a measly £12 this month. Fortunately they have no NCO, just as well - last month I dropped an 80/1 tip which came in and cleared me out to the tune of -£850!!!

    I'm not sure whether it's site playability (I prefer 365) or just because they're new betters, but I'd expect the 26 to outdo the 4, even given that one guy loses about £300 p/w on 365. When pitching to me, the guy at 365 told me they'd deliver much better than other sites as their player communication and engagement is superb. Maybe he was right...

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