Sun Bingo Not Paying and The Sounds of Silence

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    Apr 14, 2017
    We had Active Players with Sun Bingo and have determined 100% that they didn't migrate them over when they move affiliates. From the Forums and postings that I have read this looks to be an ongoing strategy for them. People bring them players, they generate revenue and then they move. They take the players with them but they conveniently don't pay existing commissions or tag the players to the affiliate. This strategy is very short sighted. Eventually people catch on. We wrote them many e-mails asking for our payment and about he migration of our players and they didn't respond. I wrote to them saying I was going to post here and Adam Bloom wrote me back telling me that he replied to all the e-mails. I gave him the benefit of the doubt and replied to him...... and......... silence. No reply. Do you think he replied to all the other e-mails. It doesn't look like it from my end. My e-mail is working fine. If this is how they treat affiliates, I can't imagine how they treat players.
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