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    I was thinking the other day about all of the parameters AFG must take into consideration in their analysis of the different affiliate programs. I then thought about the ones I would like to see or take into consideration when selecting a program.

    The only one I can think about that isn't on AFG is the "affiliate SEO friendliness" of a particular program.

    I probably could come up with a better term, but my point is that many affiliate programs manage casino programs that actually compete in the SERPS with the affiliates and actually have the affiliates help them rank better!

    Examples, are the affiliate links with "alt" parameters set in favor of the casino. Having text like "best online casino" in the link codes below the banners. Small details that add up to them being in the top positions with affiliates help.

    Don't get me wrong, I don't mind it if they were ranking high because they were the best online casinos. It's the fact that they require the affiliates to help them compete against them doesn't set well with me.

    Another thing I've seen are the programs that have hundreds if not thousands of subpages optimized for their keywords. That's their right to do that, but it shows that they are not 100% behind their affiliates.

    I take these "SEO friendliness" ideas into consideration when selecting the programs I am going to promote.
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    That's a very interesting point. When I notice alt, title, name, and other tag properties - I remove them. Additionally, I took a popular stats package and created my own tracking system from it. That system only uses the affiliate link and not their complete tracking code.

    So - in essence, I remove all that SEO crap :)

    But I can see how that would influence your decision. It is tough enough to compete with other affiliates and nobody wants to help another website rank higher than they do!

    Let me think about this one... I can't come up with a good way to integrate that off the top of my head in the current structure. However - since there are some things changing in the template, I may be able to integrate that type of information elsewhere.

    Thanks for the suggestion.

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