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    Jun 18, 2007 is the greatest site of all I’ve sold. I got an offer to buy it from someone in the media, someone working in He created the site for himself and invested a lot of money into it (according to him, around $150 000, although I find it difficult to believe). However, he did say that at the beginning stages of its development there was only original content being published. Only journalists worked there. They went out to the events, took interviews, prepared texts, created illustrated articles. Regarding journalists it’s all true. Two of these journalists came back to work for me, and they interviewed famous sportpersons. That’s why the website easily got external links from trusted media portals and other sites.

    Right now there are three editors at work who copy and paste news in shifts, one chief editor (he’s great, knows football and understands NFL very well, and he only writes unique content). There are two journalists working from time to time who also write unique content. Total amount spent on the whole team is $200. When the previous owner told me this, I just felt curious to see four people working for $200. It’s all true. They’re nice guys and they know what they’re doing.

    When they suggested I buy the site, I didn’t even plan on buying something because there was enough work on the main project, but, seeing I realized I could create a large sports news site with hidden bookmaker advertisement and a large community (like on, but within the last year I haven’t found the time to get on it because my main project was quite large and it took all of my time. So I decided to sell everything I wasn’t working on this year.

    The price is $4250.
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    Sep 4, 2012
    Hello Aksana, where are you been? Don't hear you long time.

    Advertising on site based on GEO targeting rules? As i see, they promote brands without Russian license. If they show this advertising to visitors from Russian Federation ISPs may block website.

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