Poker Heaven adds fraud clause

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    Poker Heaven adds fraud clause

    Terms spidered on April 11th, 2013 04:12 AM

    SUMMARY: Poker Heaven affiliates add a fraud clause to the term which allows them to pass on fines given by the software provider due to fraudulent activities.


    4.12 Heaven Affiliates has the right to withhold and deduct from commission balances any fines imposed by software suppliers, based on fraudulent or rule breaking activities which is carried out by you, the affiliate. This can include knowingly breaking poker network rules, offering illegal inducements to players to encourage game play, or passing back part of your monthly commission to customers as a way of incentivizing them to play under your tracker. Should a fine be charged to Heaven Affiliates from a software supplier, you will be notified of this action within 72 hours, will have your account temporarily locked for review and will receive the fine amount and the monies to be deducted from your commission balance. Should your commission balance be unable to cover the entire fine amount, this will be paid off over future monthly commission amounts until the outstanding balance has returned to zero..

    SUMMARY: An interesting clause to say the least, but understandable.

    Poker Heaven adds fraud clause

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