Poker Affiliate Remove negative carryover clause

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    Poker Affiliate Remove negative carryover clause

    Terms spidered on January 24th, 2013 05:57 AM
    SUMMARY: Removal of the negative carryover clause.

    Negative Carryover

    15.1 Date of payments
    Balances shall be paid between the first and the tenth of each calendar month, except when the total amount due for all Trackers is less than USD100, the Balance will be carried over and added to the next Balance due until the Balance due is USD 100 or more.
    If the Balance due is negative then that negative amount will carry over and be deducted against the following Balance. In the event, the Balance carried over does not total USD 100 within a consecutive three (3) month period, then the amount due will be voided and cancelled, and SITES may terminate this Agreement.

    SUMMARY: While the negative carryover clause is removed, there are a LOT of issues with the terms at Poker Affiliate which include:

    * Void earnings of $100 and under if you are under the $100 minimum payment for 3 months

    * Minimum Player Rule - must bring in 5 players per month (revenue-generating players)

    * Termination if your balance is less than $100 for 6 months (no payout)

    Poker Affiliate Remove negative carryover clause

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