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    Nov 24, 2014
    I am happy to inform everyone that I am offering a service now where you can order packages of original content at the following prices:
    5 Reviews @ 500 words each $50
    10 Reviews @ 500 words each $95
    15 Reviews @ 500 words each $135
    20 Reviews @ 500 words each $175
    25 Reviews @ 500 words each $200

    The above packages are priced so the bigger the order, the better the price. My reviews can be packages of all casino reviews, all game reviews, all software reviews, or any combination you may require. I can also write reviews based on banking options. All payments are required to be paid through PayPal. Contact me here or via email: cnoevil8 (using gmail.com).

    Also... you can order a single review at the following price:
    1 Review @ 500 words $15

    If you require reviews with more words each, contact me and we can discuss your needs. Thank you.

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