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    Guard Dog

    Guard Dog Guard Dog Staff Member

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    Dec 13, 2006
    Hello AGD community,

    Today we present to you the new real revenue share audit report for the MMC Affiliates / Mad Money Casino Affiliates.

    They have Mad Money Casino as their brand.

    Affiliate Reporting Platform:
    Affiliate Reporting Platform.jpg

    We deposited €20 via Skrill and took a welcome offer of 125% up to 100.

    Our funds with the welcome bonus were €45 and we started playing some slots:
    Slot 1 Start.jpg

    Slot 2 Start.jpg

    Slot 3 End.jpg

    Eventually, we lost all the funds and checked the earnings report:

    The NGR number is shown as 20. Our earnings are shown as 7,67. Since we have a 45% deal with them, after calculating we got the NGR number to be 17.04.

    With the NGR of 20, our earnings should be 9, and the affiliate platform shows earnings of 7.67.
    We contacted the affiliates about the NGR being equal to the deposit amount, and they advised that NGR incurs 25% system Fees for taxes, duties, compensation.

    To summarize, the Effective Net Gaming Revenue (the amount of money deposited and lost) is 17.04/20= 85%.

    Finally, multiply the advertised revenue share rate with the Effective NGR to see your real revenue share rate, e.g:
    • 25% = 21.25%
    • 30% = 25.50%
    • 35% = 29.75%
    • 40% = 34.00%
    • 45% = 38.25%

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    AussieDave 20 years & still going!

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    Nov 28, 2013
    Better results, than most have been lately.

    LCB is a BIG operator, hence you can, and usually get 45%.

    However, for the rest of us... It seems, if one wants to maintain a reasonable earning bracket, as one would be accustomed to, when, the actual 'stated 25 or 30 %' meant you received (in your pocket) 25 - 30%, then you'd need to be on 30 - 35%. Anything less than this % and your getting screwed.
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