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    1.1.1 No Negative Carry Over At the affiliate director's discretion the monthly payable balance is automatically reset to 0 Euros at upon the beginning affiliate's explicit request. The written request must be submitted within 15 days from the end of each calendar affected month. The In these cases the negative balance is not carried over to the following month. The No Negative Carry Over policy will be at the discretion of the affiliate director in an attempt to thwart collusion between affiliate accounts and their respective player accounts. Also, see ''HIGH ROLLER POLICY'' below to see how future revenue is calculated for ''High Roller'' players. In order to qulify for the no negative carry over the following conditions must be met.(1) High Roller policy does not apply.(2) Written request within 15 days fo the close of the previous month.(3) Affiliate must have a minimum of 3 depositing players.

    It looks like Live Casino Partners are implementing some predatory changes. Negative carryover now will happen by default (instead of having NO negative carryover). To be eligible, it sounds like you will need to notify them each month that you don't want the negative balances to carry forth :(

    If it were me I would schedule a monthly email to them so that I don't have to think about it.
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    to add to the NNCO ........and a minimum of 3 (new?) depositing players ?

    I am done with live casino programs, anyways a good time to shuffle some programs.

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