Licensees' in Sweden Lacking Player Protection Plans


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Sep 18, 2018
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After the conducted survey, the Swedish Gaming Inspectorate said many Sweden licensed operators failed to deliver plans to prevent and deal with problem gambling.
According to the Swedish gaming Act, licenses are required to have an action plan setting out how they will deal with players who are gambling excessively and help excessive gamblers to reduce their levels of play.
Spelinspektionen: "The Gaming Inspectorate believes that it is necessary for the companies to identify and indicate which indicators the company believes that they need to follow to find players who show signs of exaggerated gambling".
The definition of “excessive gambling” in the Gambling Act is based on the limits players set for themselves.
Spelinspektionen noted: "It is also important that the companies pay special attention to those players who have set high limits (which they rarely or never reach) when creating accounts as these players are not caught by checks based on players reaching their limits or raising their limits".