Legal Online Poker in the USA... maybe

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    today Senate Majority leader Harry Reid put forward a bill to LEGALIZE online POKER inside the USA and once and for all over turn the hated UGIEA law.

    But beware... according to the bill, the first two years ONLY currently existing land based casinos inside the USA would be allowed to run the 'legal' Poker games.

    Then, of course, the Republicans (remember them? the "get government out of our lives" folks...) Senators Klye and Baccus have said "no Way" they will allow the government to allow legal poker inside the USA... The no government Republican folks speak with forked tongues... They say they don't want the Government in our lives telling us how to live, but they are more than willing to use the Government to enforce their 18th century Puritan Mores on every single person in the country.

    Sen. Reid Seeks to Legalize Internet Poker -
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