Labour, anti-gambling, The Guardian, and political bungs

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    Seems like the deputy leader of the Labour party (Tom Watson) isn't being so sincere with his attack on the gambling industry -

    "Watson only seems to have jumped on the anti-FOBT bandwagon since a mysterious donor, a Mr Derek Webb, began funding his constituency campaigns. Could be pure coincidence. Now whether this Derek Webb is the same Derek Webb who runs the anti-FOBT campaign is another question (unanswered by Watson, the Patron Saint of Transparency). Whether either of those Derek Webbs is the same Derek Webb who founded Prime Table Games LLC or the same Derek Webb who sold said business to Galaxy Gaming in 2011 or the same Derek Webb previously some rights to Shufflemaster is another question altogether. Whether any of the deluge of Dereks alleged above still has any vested interest in the performance of table games in the UK, who knows*?"

    You could go further and conspire that perhaps SkyBet are involved in this whole racket, given their owner is a very big and wealthy media mogul!

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