Kosmonaut Casino Partners Audit Report

Do You Work With Kosmonaut Casino Partners?

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Guard Dog

Guard Dog
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Dec 13, 2006
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Hello AGD community,

Today we present to you the real revenue share audit report for Kosmonaut Casino Partners.

They have Kosmonaut Casino as their brand.

Affiliate Reporting Platform: affilka

Test signup and deposit is made from Country ‘Serbia’

Affiliate Reporting Platform.jpg

We deposited €20 via Skrill and took a welcome bonus of 100% up to 100.


Our funds with the welcome offer were €40 and we started playing some slots:
slot 1.jpg

slot 2.jpg

slot 3.jpg

slot 4.jpg

slot 5.jpg

Eventually, we lost all the funds and checked the earnings report:


For the deposit of €20 via Skrill the Net Gaming Revenue was €16

To summarize, the Effective Net Gaming Revenue (the amount of money deposited and lost) is 16/20= 80%.

Finally, multiply the advertised revenue share rate with the Effective NGR to see your real revenue share rate, e.g:
  • 25% = 20 %
  • 30% = 24 %
  • 35% = 28 %
  • 40% = 32 %
  • 45% = 36 %


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Affiliate Guard Dog Member
Dec 9, 2017
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Most other casinos running on the Softswiss platform offer
commission based on NGR, for example:

  • <5000EUR (25%)
  • <5000-1000 EUR (30%)
  • <10,000-20,000EUR (35%)
  • <20,000 EUR (40%)
I guess no need to say anything regarding some of their brands' crazy fees. However, if anyone doesn't know here is an example:


With this program, there is no matter how much NGR your new players generate as it's all about the number of referred players.

OK no probs! Others work like that too.

But, take a look closer at this piss-taking massive step from the 1st to the 2nd bracket... It's pretty cool, isn't it?