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    This term was recently added to the terms:

    You will not use any unsolicited or spam messages to promote COMPANY's Sites. In the event that we receive a complaint that you have been sending spam messages, you hereby agree that we may provide to the party making the complaint any details required for the complaining party to contact you directly in order for you to resolve the complaint. The details which we may provide to the party making the complaint include your name, email address and telephone number. You hereby warrant and undertake that you will cease sending spam messages and make every effort to resolve the complaint. In addition (and without prejudice to clause 8), we reserve all of our rights in this matter including without limitation the right to immediately terminate this Agreement and your participation in the iAffiliates program and to set off or charge you for all claims, damages, expenses, costs, fines incurred or suffered by us in relation to this matter. You hereby also acknowledge that the COMPANY Sites are licensed by the Gambling Commission of Great Britain, and offers its services to residents of Great Britain under this licence. As such, COMPANY is subject to the Gambling Commission's Licence Conditions and Codes of Practice ("the LCCP") as well as other legal requirements that govern the manner in which it may operate and market and advertise its services (these include the UK CAP code, consumer protection laws, fair marketing rules, etc). Therefore, you undertake to fully comply with these obligations referred to above, when you are marketing our Sites to people resident in the United Kingdom. As per the LCCP requirements (and without prejudice to clause 8), we reserve the right to immediately terminate this Agreement should your marketing activity be found to have breached any sections of the LCCP or the other UK marketing rules or requirements, as referred to in this section 4.11.

    These terms are considered normal and acceptable.

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