I try to cancel affiliation agreements - I'm ignored all binary options

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    marcos Affiliate Guard Dog Member

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    Dec 6, 2018
    This is already the most beloved webmasters.
    As you know I am a binary option (I do not post the site) I do not want SPAM and I value this forum very much.
    I am trying to cancel the agreements of the SCAM brokers that above owe me money, I send some emails ignore me, others even laugh at me that they do not pay me or close my account.
    They have terms and conditions, nor do they comply, are their terms and conditions toy? they do not attack them.
    I will expose those that I try to rescind the accounts and the emails, if someone helps me or administration, because even someone laughs at me.

    I start, ok ?.

    www . binomo . com
    Written: uslan . chamokov arroba binomo. com
    promo arroba binpartner.com
    And I have the lady: svetlana. savkina arroba binomo.com
    My invisible account manager, this young lady deleted 4 FTD of mine, according to her it's me, it's not true.
    Well in short there is only after deleting my ftd: 106.41 but before erasing the FTD was at $ 450. His answers is that he does not pay me he already knows the answer.



    Here I have 2 accounts, it is not true or relatives, ok? if there are 2 accounts, one teposicionas arroba gmail.com and another milagrosbenavidescuasquer arroba gmail.com and they were for different businesses, one is me and another my wife, separate businesses, nothing to do with each other.
    Well here we are going to calculate, teposicionas arroba gmail.com there must be about 1,500 - 3000 dollars
    And in the other account at least $ 500 his argument is familiar.
    One thing webmasters? I have 34 FTD 280 family records? Am I god in relatives? We know not. And in the other account therefore less ftd about 14 and 315 records different countries.
    I'm blocked by an abusive clause, they argue this, right? unblock account here in the forum and make screen of records, players, you will see that there is volume and FTD of many countries.
    I WRITE according to your contract terms:
    info arroba kingfin.com
    d.skrypnik arroba kingfin.com (super edge the lady at a great level)
    verification arroba kingfin.com (I had 15 days with the account blocked in review) then canceled.

    In skype I have:
    ive: a.krasnova_2
    live: d.skrypnik

    Here they all ignore or answer, as if it were garbage.

    I continue

    affiliates pocketoption com

    Here authorization was requested to open 3 accounts to the account for a different business model and site and it was authorized, they are
    forexonlineproductionltd arroba gmail.com teposicionas arroba gmail.com milagrosbenavidescuasquer arroba gmail.com
    What happened? + 1500 records about 60 FTD and high quality, closed all accounts, no one answers, blocked from all skypes.

    Here is written to all emails:

    partner arroba pocketoption.com,
    finance arroba pocketoption.com,
    affiliates arroba pocketoption.com,
    support arroba pocketoption.com,
    contact arroba tifiya.cz,
    contact arroba ittrendex.com

    And finally

    finiministry com that a better promotion agreement had been reached there is $ 477 and the minimum is $ 500 but they agreed to pay it to do the campaign, this is 3 weeks ago, they ignore emails, they say they talk to finances and they already pay, that if the deal goes ahead, but nothing, neither pay and ignore.

    andrey arroba finministry.com
    mark arroba finministry.com

    I do not have the right to terminate an agreement if they cheat me? they have abusive terms and conditions and some emails.
    You write them they ignore you even by skype.
    It does not matter, if you send many FTD, many records and there is $$$, the problem starts and excuse.
    Do you think I want to terminate the contract and lose my rev share? of course not. But I have to do it so that at least they pay me the accumulated and they do not have my personal data.

    Is there someone in the forum that helps with this? what medium? Write them and do not ignore them ?.
    Why can not I cancel my agreement! he puts it in his terms and conditions, they only use it for his interests.

    marcos Affiliate Guard Dog Member

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    Dec 6, 2018
    Regarding the matter of finministry, they contacted me about trying to fix it tomorrow and I tell you ok ?.

    Another issue I forgot, in pocketoption affiliate all my accounts is not that they are closed is that they changed emails and users so that I could not access, apart from blocking me from skype, ignore emails, etc.

    Webmasters, never this broker to use! and good kingfin if you send much FTD either, binpartner bad treatment to the affiliate, if you want to be treated badly, ignored and feel bad, then sign up.

    Gentlemen I am the top 2 or 3 in opciones binarias (latam all, included spanish, central latam, mexican) I know what I am talking about, follow my advice, can someone better advise you? Well, I'm up.

    Please do not be scammed and ignore my advice.

    Zuga Administrator Staff Member

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    Dec 16, 2011
    Cant really say I have much sympathy for you. After all you are promoting what we all know is a SCAM. Binary options is just that, a scam , designed to mislead players into thinking they are trading,when they are not..

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