GTL Affiliates Scam? Does Not Pay!

Discussion in 'Affiliate and Program Issues' started by hyppere, Aug 24, 2017.


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    Feb 29, 2016
    Hey AGD!

    I just wanna give you a heads up about GTL Affiliates, they don't pay! they've been giving me the 'rund around' for quite some time now, and the affiliate manager at GTL Fredrik Hansson ignores messages and doesnt always reply. I'm thinking they are Scammers.

    They run these casinos: - -

    My commission was first at 67K Euro and then suddenly it dropped to 1100 Euro. GTL Affiliates manager Fredrik Hansson did not explain anything about this, and they also removed my payment method (Neteller) And did not tell me about it. When I asked why i didnt receive my payment, Fredrik did not respond, after a few atempts a day later, he finally replied. Now they have closed my account and kept my commissions. They are being blacklisted on all partnersites.

    I strongly advise all affiliates to stay away from these filthy crooks!

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