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    Nov 27, 2011
    This has bothered me about GPWA from day 1. They look like they have standards and feel like they should be stepping up to bat for the webmaster affiliates and often they fall well short of that.

    I'm disappointed (not shocked) that they have not taken a position on Bet365. They quickly pulled the trigger when Foxy screwed everyone but I guess it is more difficult to ignore the elephant in the room when he is making noise rather than remaining silent.

    This has bothered me about the conferences as well.
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    Nov 28, 2013
    Arrived at weekend getaway (if anyone is interested) but outside, it's akin to being in an oven. Temp now at 10:57am is a scorching 45.5C (114F - hottest part of the day is yet to come).

    So air con is on, and the beers are chilling.

    With regards to this industry on a whole, as I've said many times before, it's been incestuous from day one. And, what we've seen (commissions stolen, players shaved, detagging etc., etc). All these dodgy, criminal acts are happening now, on an almost monthly basis. All these insidious acts have been the 'Ace' up most operators sleeves, from day one.

    Add in the 3-ring-circus conventions, where thieving programs and other assorted rogues are given not only stands, but also win trumped up (rigged) awards, and it's not a very pretty picture.

    The GPWA did look after the interests of Affiliates, when, Cindy owned it.

    But, the incestuous clique clearly wanted her gone - she was bad for business. So, they achieved that goal. Corfman bought it, and there went any hope of the GPWA fighting for the rights of affiliates. Apart from having some decent content for webmasters. The place is nothing more than a cash making cow.

    The UKGC are now investigating 17 online (UKGC Licensed) gaming entities for money laundering. I'm sure many more investigations will surface. Makes you think of sending the them some background info on Betway (aka Spin Palace Group/Wagershare/Buffalo Partner et al)...just sayin.

    While there are some decent people in this industry, there are an abundance of crooks. Unfortunately, the later, far outweigh the good-guys. Sadly it seems the crooked bastards are pulling most of the strings!
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    Jul 7, 2014
    GPWA will not bite the hand that is writing the cheques that’s for sure. Like many other so called “sponsor” programs in the past BET365 have had a clear run from the start of this affiliate cleansing, the powers at GPWA and their lackey’s are obviously looking after their Platinum "sponsor" at the expense of affiliates (once again).

    I would hope that BET365 are not creating a situation where the discussion or reviews about them is biased in their favour by the payment of money to GPWA as a "sponsor".
    • that would not be ethical or fair now would it?
    • this "sponsorship" may even be considered a BET365 advertisement by some.....
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    Sep 19, 2013
    I agree with Dave that the GPWA was looking out for affiliates when Cindy ran it.
    I don't have much else to add. I haven't spent much time over there in years.

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