EGamingOnline adds additional fraud clauses to terms

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    EGamingOnline Changes their terms to add more fraud protection including rakeback and player incentivising:

    [newterm][newtermtitle]Updated Fraud Clause[/newtermtitle]
    Fraud Traffic also includes but is not limited to using commissions to solicit players and divulge or publicize what commissions have been agreed between us. Any offer to players that include a percentage of your affiliate commission is strictly forbidden and can lead to the closure of your account and the non- payment of revenues. 1.13. Fraud also includes the staking or incentivizing of players in an attempt to get CPA paid as a result. All forms of this activity will result in affiliate commission not being paid. 1.14. Affiliates must not discuss with any third party or publicize the amount of commission they receive. Moreover, affiliates will not pass on or share any part of their % commission or CPA to players. 1.15. Rakeback on our poker products is strictly forbidden.[/newterm]

    This is a completely new term and is NOT predatory. In fact, most poker affiliates detest rakeback as it cuts margins at both ends.

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