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    For sure, it's a very good thing that these fake games are removed. But they shouldn't be there anyway. I can't imagine that a casino takes fake games for real games. And if so, they must have been sleeping while implementing this. Which is of course not a good thing for a casino.

    Besides that, I always wonder why affiliate managers many times first have to make "semi-threats". downplay the issue or come up with irrelevant arguments in the discussion (we pay, we are legit, etc) before they do what they have to do.

    I've seen the screenshots here and I don't like the communication-style of the affiliate manager.
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    No, I was being just a tad sarcastic. ;)
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    This is definitely the move in right direction. However your explanation that you did not know about the fake games is less than convincing.
    There are some questions that you still need to respond to:

    1. You claim to hold the "Master License No. 8048/JAZ" , granted by the Government of CuraƧao. This 'master' license seems to be used by many casinos ( some dodgy ones too ) and there is no easy way to verify if this is actually valid or not. So We would need to see some evidence of this. By what little info can be found this seems to be a sub-license which in itself is super suspicious.

    2. In regards to the pirated games:

    a. You say u didnt know the games are fake. Whos job was it to know? If we take your word for it then someone did not do their due diligence.
    b. How much did you pay for these fake games? Was it one time fee or its also based on a % of player losses? At some point someone from ur company had to ask some questions and find something suspicious. Noone can be that ignorant .

    3. You claim your RNG etc to be verified by iTechLabs but there is no mention of your casino on their list:

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