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    What is twitwall? Twitwall is a service from Twitter that allows you to post more than the typical 'Twit' of information. It is a bit more blog-ish than Twitter, but allows many of the same great features. Additionally, each Twitwall post still goes to your twitter page.

    Here is a quick Twitwall post I made just moments ago: AffiliateGuardD's TwitWall

    Note that I gave a bit of information about AGD and was able to post an URL to the location of the forums. Since Twitter uses folders instead of sub-domains for each wall-post, you will be a bit of linkjuice as well. This should NOT be a form of spamming, of course, but a way to 'get the word out' in a professional manner, IMO.

    You can, additionally, embed videos and other information in the Twitwall as well, which is very nice if you are using it to get information out to your target audience.

    It's fairly simple to use Twitter.. and you can even use a program I found to make it even a bit easier: twhirl | the social software client

    Twhirl is an application that allows you to post directly without going to the website! That makes updating quite a bit more simple.

    There are so many tools that can make your marketing easier with Twitter as well, such as: Tweet on a schedule with TweetAhead (TweetAhead), (create a group and tweet information to the rest of the group), (Link up blog and Twitter to share information to the world!), and so many more services since Twitter has an API.

    It's truly a good marketing tool to have in your bag and it would be more than worthwhile to begin investigating it.

    Additionally, maybe we should try to do some twittering as a group? With the 'follow' feature, the more people follow, the more your twitter becomes known and popular. Therefore, the better the marketing.

    Just some thoughts, I am in no way an expert at this... quite the contrary, but I am certainly trying it out to see how it can be used.

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