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Discussion in 'Affiliate and Program Issues' started by MonG, Dec 13, 2015.


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    Sep 24, 2015
    I have experienced some odd things with Deckmedia recently. I know they are generally referred to as trustable, even their casinos, but well, this is a forum, so where else to discuss it if not here.

    I put quite much work into making my site popular among my visitors (within the limits of my own site of course), and it had a result, depositor number started to raise in most of the casinos I advertise. It started around July.

    Now the situation is: even at Deckmedia, where I have tons of new registrants every month for years, but hardly a depositor, from July, deposits started to appear, there was a serious raise, and similar amount were deposited in August and September, so it seemed people started playing. And then, from October, a sharp turning back, silence again. At the same time when the new platform was inteoduced.

    I know it can also be just a coincidence, but why I still wonder whether the new system is tracking activities of past registrants properly or not, is because I mentioned above the raise in deposits happened not only for my Deckmedia account, but at other companies as well, and in those, the upheaval is still going on. This raise started at those at the same time it started at Deckmedia, yet, in the other ones it didn't stop, only at Deckmedia, right at the beginning of October. And at Deckmedia, now I have what I had before, the same amount of registrants every month, and hardly a deposit. I could only generate a little income by a new registrant, maybe that will develope in something serious during the next few months.

    And also: when the platform change happened, I didn't receive my new password automatically, couldn't use the system for days, though it was said it will be mailed out automatically. So it seems there were small mistakes, I wonder if it can be related to some kind of misfunctioning.

    Did anyone experience the same? This is what I would be interested in.

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    Nov 26, 2015
    the time frame you are giving for a rise in traffic is a bit strange, it may coincides with the fall of Winpalace Group & co... and players going to others brands. I have experienced a (small) surged in FTDs at the time. To be honest, I never did well with those US facing program one deposit here and there but plenty sign ups... :-(

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