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    While they are not exactly the same and your graphics have not been "stolen" and reused, it is obvious that the designer of the 2nd site has copied the general look and structure of the first. The logos are very similar, the colour schemes, structure and layout, and the double footer section too.

    CBG, theres not much you can do about it I am afraid, apart from publicly shame the copiers for their lameness and lack of originality. Take it as a compliment, this "big affiliate" was so impressed by your site they got worried and copied it.

    They *did* copy the first site and changed it "enough", its obvious. I hope you didn't pay a lot for the design. Why don't you post the name of your design company, so we can all be sure not to use them in future?

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    Oct 5, 2010
    "we all need to stick together, there is enough money to go around, live and let live" ad nauseum. I guess I'm curious as a content provider if this flies? Is "Spin" and "copyscape proof" good enough? really? I have spun and I have been inspired and I may have even hacked a concept or two but never in a million years would I create those two sites and present them to two potential customers and expect to get away with it. That's my perspective.

    Just because MGS and others clone their own stuff and "copyscape" is the new plagiarizer professor doesn't mean that people shouldn't be pulled up for "flattery". Does it?

    I haven't built foundations for content since the mid and late 90's so I really don't have a clue what wordpress or vbulletin or whatever force a 'creator' to choose from and if it's really a drag and drop the chocolat and the strawberry here or there oh well, I made a fool of myself even jumping in here.

    First and foremost I am an artist so I stand by true creators, inspired, influenced or out of the box. And I know coincidences happen (she's so fine/my sweet lord) so I'm sure willing to listen to the design company if they want to expose themselves and I'm also willing to leave it alone.

    But I will ask ya'll to ask yourselves some of the questions I proffered earlier.

    (ps yes Andy, I regurgitated my own reviews on that one particular brand and you can have credit or your money back if you let me write them my way :) it was an excruciating exercise - tortuous and torturous but I do love those slots! lemme know)
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    Ha, you crack me up Lojo. Yes, I approved that layout and the way you created the reviews ;) And, I respect your opinion in this case as well.

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