Chipsplit amends approved marketing materials clause

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    Chipsplit amends approved marketing materials clause

    Terms spidered on December 16th, 2013 09:35 AM

    SUMMARY: ChipSplit removed 'termination' from the marketing materials clause. This is a definite improvement upon the term.

    Approved Marketing Materials

    Approved Marketing Materials.
    Affiliates will comply with all reasonable instruction made by our company to maintain and update brand related content, marketing materials and promotional offers made available to them by ChipSplit on behalf of our branded partners (CarbonSports, CarbonPoker and Aced Poker). Should we contact you in regards to making such an update to change to the listed marketing content, banner, and or promotional materials on your website and the Affiliate does not cure, rectify or reply to such request within sixty (60) days of notice we may reserve the right to re-direct your marketing materials and trackers, suspend , terminate and or withhold commissionable fees due to your account your ChipSplit account until such change has been rectified to our satisfaction.

    SUMMARY: While this is definitely a good change, I am still a bit worried about their ability to redirect trackers. Seems an odd punishment for not having up to date banners.

    Chipsplit amends approved marketing materials clause

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    Does ChipSplit, like other programs, offer dynamically fed banners? That is those which update when there's a change in promo offers. Although I prefer to serve my own media, if dynamic banners are available at ChipSplit and affiliates used this method, the above clause wouldn't affect these affiliates. Of course, if ChipSplit doesn't have this option, then this is a positive move on their part but like you I'd still be concerned about the redirection of traffic. To me that seems very harsh and not playing fair.

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