Chipsplit adds termination clause and more

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    Chipsplit adds termination clause and more

    Terms spidered on December 11th, 2013 07:30 AM

    SUMMARY: The major term change is the ability for Chipsplit to render your trackers invalid or even redirect them if you do not update your content upon their request.

    Approved Marketing Materials

    Approved Marketing Materials.
    You Affiliates will only use the Banners and Text
    Links comply with all reasonable instruction made by our company to maintain and any other update brand related content, marketing materials that have been provided by
    us and/or pre-approved and promotional offers made available to them by us (collectively the Marketing
    Materials). You will not modify the Marketing Materials
    without ChipSplit on behalf of our prior written consentbranded partners (CarbonSports, CarbonPoker and Aced Poker). During the term of this
    Agreement, Should we grant contact you a terminable, non-exclusive,
    non-transferable right in regards to use the Marketing Materials for the sole
    purpose of marketing making such an update to and referring potential Players change to the Website. Generally we will provide youlisted marketing content, without chargebanner, the
    guidelines and graphical artwork and permitted text to use in
    or promotional materials . Under no circumstance are you allowed on your website and the Affiliate does not cure, rectify or reply to use
    such request within sixty (60) days of notice we may reserve the Marketing Materials and any other promotional right to re-direct your marketing materials provided
    by us in a manner that may potentially confuse a potential Playerand trackers, suspend, terminate and or withhold commissionable fees due to your account your ChipSplit account until such change has been rectified to our satisfaction.

    Competitive Marketing

    Competitive Marketing.
    For the avoidance of doubt it is hereby
    clarified that you You shall not be entitled to market to potential Players (i) on in any Internet site on which manner that competes unfairly with other Chipsplit Affiliate(s) or current promotions and incentives we promote the Website;
    (ii) advertise on our Website(s):

    i. competes and or bids on any SEO and SEM branded terms such as Carbon Poker, CarbonPoker, CarbonSports, CarbonCasino and AcedPoker and any other related URLs we are responsible for promoting via the Internet search engineon which we promote the Website; and
    (iii) ii. agrees to use its best efforts to market and promote the Site(s), in any other a manner which results in your competing consistent with us good business ethics and in relation to the promotion of good faith towards the WebsiteChipsplit Affiliate Program. In the event that you are in breach of the foregoing provisions, we reserve the right to render the your Tracking URLs assigned to you as void and you shall have no claims against us in respect of such action actions taken by us.
    iii. No Rakeback or Under the Table Rakeback Offers Permitted.
    Affiliates will not engage in any type of private rakeback schemes or similar incentivized payment to player structures where players are directly or indirectly receiving proportions of their raked fees, otherwise referred to as ''under the table rakeback deals''. Accounts found to be actively involved in such forbidden practices will result in immediate account suspension and possible account termination from our Affiliate program here at Chipsplit. Affiliates may not at any time advertise or be engaged with any site that offers ''under the table rakeback deals'' to players. We will enforce this terms and reserve the right to withhold commissionable fees due to your account if in fact your account has been involved in any part of a private rakeback activity that breaches our service agreement with players and or other Affiliates.

    Commercial Use

    Commercial Use Only.
    This Marketing opportunity is for commercial use only. Use for personal gain will be treated the same as in other Fraud Traffic related policies.

    Chipsplit Affiliates will be limited to one Chipsplit Affiliate account per person, family, household, company and or business group. Should for any reason you need to open a second or multiple account we ask the affiliate to first seek approval by an Affiliate Account Manager here at Chipsplit. Please also try to maintain current and correct contact details throughout the ownership period of your account. Details including name on account, mailing address, email address, contact number, payment details ect. All should be completed and correctly up to date.
    Chipsplit Affiliates may not sign up or make deposits to any Accountplayer account, directly or indirectly, through your Tracker(s) (or any Sub-Affiliate tracker) for your own personal use, to fraudulently increase the Affiliate Fees payable to you or to otherwise defraud us. In no event are you to receive Affiliate Fees on your own Player Account. Self-Referral Violations will be result in immediate lose
    in loses of any paid revenues and removal of these the herein affiliate relationships. Repeat offenses will be treated the same as in other Fraud Traffic related policies.

    SUMMARY: While I believe Chipsplit has the right to ask affliates to update their content - I believe termination and redirection of trackers is unethical.

    Chipsplit adds termination clause and more

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