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    Oct 29, 2017
    Hey everybody!

    We have a casino listing website that is dedicated 100% to Finnish traffic and we are currently building a section to start adding different casino reviews to our site. Primary goal for the reviews is to add fresh content to our site and also to push more traffic to the site with SEO. Site is currently about 1 year old , quite active and the we have great plans for the future :)

    Reviews would be around 600-800 per casino and if things work out both ways , we have a lot of reviews to write in the future too. These would include reviews for already released casinos and the upcoming un-realeased ones.

    Writer would have to be native Finnish speaker and have experiences of online casino´s , gambling , terms etc. Past history of writing reviews is almost a must.

    We could miss the PM's here on AGD so drop us an email to info @ and let´s see what we can come up with :)


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