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    Nov 19, 2017
    I have been offering my services to BRFX for 2 months as a consultant. Betsy and Dov came to me to help them build up an affiliate program, help them with their integration and help them get traffic. We closed a contract for 2 months with a maximum of 30 hours a month. All was fine and well. I helped them in with all my power and made in the first month even more than 30 hours, without me charging it.
    Then it was time to pay. The first payment came in 2 weeks late and it only came in after asking an update almost every day. A few days after the payment they asked me if we should continue as they decided to focus on in-house media buying entirely and not on Affiliation anymore. I pointed out that we have a contract for 2 month's and that the contract would end in a week and a half anyhow, so let's continue like we did. They did not respond to it and when I asked about it Betsy replied that she had to check it, but she never came back to me.
    As with the first invoice, I sent it to them without them paying it. Again me asking it and asking it, but this time they kept me in the dark and Betsy claimed that she would talk to a lawyer to settle this.
    It has been over a month now and I am completely done with this company and their representatives. I don't know how I should get my money from them now...

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