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    Today we present you a different type of the audit report, that we conducted for BetVoyager Affiliates.
    They have one casino brand – BetVoyager Casino.

    In their affiliate website in the Commission part, it is said that:
    “BetVoyager has two types of games: standard, which have a traditional casino house edge and equal odds games, which have no house edge during gameplay. A partner commission is calculated differently for every game.
    Receive 1% from every bet in Standard (Non-Equal Odds) games, equivalent to about 27% Revenue Share;
    Receive 25% Revenue Share from the Equal Odds games.”

    Basically, these guys offer a 1% wager share. This plan works well if players keep playing winning or losing, but if they lose quickly then it’s horrible, as shown in our single test audit (campaign name: AGD).

    For the deposit of € 25, we earned only € 1.39, which is 1% of the Traditional Games Bets. Due to the fact that our single test might not be a good real-world example, in this report, we will include our real earnings, as well.

    Traditional Games


    Equal Odds Games

    image (1).png

    As a total over the life of our account, the system says we have earned a total of € 7334, but we have only collected € 3137!

    image (2).png

    And also looking at the 2 totals above for the different game types it says that we have been paid € 2317+ €832 = €3149, which is very close to what our financial department reported.

    We look at have had about a 14% earnings from deposits (€ 3137 / € 22336), which is bad.

    We have had 48 real players in total over the life of the account, which gives us about a € 65 earnings per player, which is also bad (€ 3137 / 48).

    image (3).png

    All in all, if you are working with this brand, keep an eye on your commission.
    You might be surprised, but probably not in a good way...
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    Nice reporting :) Thank you for your hard work!
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