An interview with CEO of AffiliateINSIDER, Lee-Ann Johnstone

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    We caught up with CEO of AffiliateINSIDER, Lee-Ann Johnstone , a veteran in the iGaming affiliate industry, to find out more about the AIBootcamp she runs twice a year for iGaming Affiliates. This conference focuses on helping affiliate business owners growth hack their marketing and stay ahead of digital trends in the market. It takes place in London on the 21-22 March at once of the most iconic music venues, Under the Bridge, at Stamford Bridge, the home of Chelsea F.C. and is now in its second year, helping smaller affiliates get better connected and keeping ahead of digital disruption

    Q: Tell us a bit more about what AffiliateINSIDER offers and why you launched this business just over a year ago?

    I’ve been in the affiliate industry for over two decades. I’m rather passionate about it. I’ve seen it evolve and grow and I have worked on various products, services and suppliers in this time, I know it’s complex ecosystem inside out.
    About 2 years ago I started to think about the affiliate program management model and how it was currently a bit flawed. Affiliates with great ideas and products were being missed and left to wander aimlessly till they hit the big time, because they didn’t fit into the standard program management : 80/20 rule.
    I wanted to help these guys thrive, I want to teach the affiliate skills I’ve learned over my two decade career and make expert digital insight accessible to all affiliates big or small to help them keep ahead of disruption. As an entrepreneur myself, I also understand the value good business coaching can have to support business growth, so I wanted to give affiliates access to experienced coaching to help their businesses thrive.
    Indirectly - we also help operators grow their program reach and engage with more affiliates so I guess we’ve put ourselves right in the middle of this ecosystem to support better connections, learning and channel growth.

    Q: What is the AffiliateINSIDER bootcamp?

    Essentially it’s a digital accelerator for iGaming affiliates. We bring in some of the brightest digital minds to help demystify digital disruption, teach practical insights on how to do online marketing better, and what you can do to stay ahead of the curve and your competition. It’s about taking a day out of your affiliate business to work ON it not just IN it. It’s about getting practical insights on what you can do to growth hack your traffic to your site. It’s about networking to form wider collaborative relationships on a personal level.

    Q: Why should iGaming affiliates consider attending it?

    There are 2 reasons why it’s a great bootcamp. First it is steeped deep with invaluable content you just can’t get access to anywhere else. Our speakers, teach. Practical steps, lessons, workshops that can really help your business growth, help you overcome hurdles like ranking without big budgets and help you get a competitive edge. Secondly this year, it’s a two day event. We have packed such a lot in to make it extra valuable. Hear from mentors - affiliates who have built and sold their affiliate businesses and been on the exact entrepreneurial journey you have.
    This year we are running a - first of its kind - affiliate entrepreneurial workshop specifically for iGaming affiliates. Knowing what to do and being mindset ready to focus on doing it - go hand in hand and are key to your businesses success. We’ll be supporting you to get this 100% right in our interactive workshop with UK’s leading entrepreneurial coach - George Swift , from Bigger Brighter Bolder. The name sort of does what it says on the tin. We’ll be looking to make you shine bigger brighter and bolder as you grow your affiliate business from strength to strength.

    Q: What will the affiliate industry look like in 2019 - and how can affiliates get ahead of trends now, to keep growing?

    The industry is on the cusp of another evolution. Decentralisation and depth of data and analytics as well as advanced AI will change the way in which we market and deliver value in the channel. Operators will see the opportunity that affiliates bring in a broader sense, and this will open up better collaboration. This is my thought process anyway - or perhaps just the passion I feel puts purpose behind what we do. I want to see the channel evolve into a more professional environment with a higher focus on training, best practice and higher levels of support. Being an affiliate is hard work. Operators need to realise this and start contributing more to help more succeed so that we don’t end up with a monopoly of traffic owners. Nobody wants to have all their eggs in one basket and variety is key for any marketing strategy to succeed.

    To book your ticket to this year’s AffiliateINSIDER Bootcamp - simply register here. Tickets are just £149 for the entire 2 day event , and you’ll receive heaps of insightful content, practical workshop teachings, and an energising Business Coaching Workshop to get you mindset ready for Success!
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