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Discussion in 'Affiliate and Program Issues' started by Vladi, Jul 1, 2011.


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    Feb 4, 2008
    Curious spam received from apparently two different programs on the same day...

    My real name was on this one...

    But not this one ...

    Apart from that they are almost identical in format and message.
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    That's the new affiliate manager software. Basically the affiliate managers are being replaced with software "robots" that analyzes your responses and figures out what type of affiliate (personality) you are and can actually approximate your income simply based on your responses to various emails!!. They start you out doing well and slowly lower the amount of money you earn until you complain. It takes note of this threshold and all this data it collects based on "Eliza-like" conversations with you and the robot and runs it through an algorithm which produces a natural looking income (but at the lowest amount of revenue you'll accept without axing the program).

    Must be a glitch and that's why you got two different amounts and two different affiliate programs.

    Reply to one of the emails and you'll see it give out a canned response like Eliza did. The other one will give out a similar response just in different words.

    Most of the affiliate programs are now owned by two individuals and all are just operating under different names. There is a massive shell game going on and even the employees of many of these outfits don't know they work for the same people. The lists are all shared because they have an internal mailing system and it scrapes all discernible information out of your correspondence with your "Affiliate Managers" ... all this again is used in the giant database algorithm that predicts your personality type, income level and tolerance for bad months. That's why every ones income in shrinking.

    I thought you of all people would know about this program?

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