Affactive updated high roller policy amount

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    Affactive updated high roller policy amount

    Terms spidered on January 15th, 2013 12:00 AM
    SUMMARY: At our request, AffActive have updated the amount of the win where the high roller policy would be applied.

    High Roller Policy

    xi. Negative earning are NOT carried forward and the Affiliates will begin each month on a zero balance. Should the Affiliates close the month with a positive balance; commissions will be paid on the positive balance. Should the Affiliates close the month with a negative balance; this balance will NOT be carried forward to the next month, unless the negative balance is a result of a charge-back as described above. xii. In case of high roller players which can cause high fluctuation from month to month. Management explicitly reserves the right to reinstate negative carry-over as determined for specific situations. This is necessitated by monthly volatility. Affiliates will be paid for specific players but negative carry-over will apply. Current criteria for determining our High Roller policy: if in any given month a player generates negative revenue (for the affiliate) of $3,000 or greater, from at which point, said Player shall be considered a High Roller. (This term will take effect beginning December 4th 2012) xiii. Commissionable earnings will be earned for the life of the customer, on all transactions the customer undertakes at the merchant, for as long as the Affiliate remains a member of this

    SUMMARY: This is an update to the high roller policy which clearly states when they will apply the term to commissions.

    Affactive updated high roller policy amount

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