7 Rummy and Casino Romanian Sites for sale + Their 26 network sites

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    Feb 27, 2011
    Sites are ranked very high for all of their key phrases plus you get ownership of their network sites
    26 blogs fully established with posts and design. All used for building inbound links to the main sites and get hundreds of entries per month on their own. Current monthly entries are ~16k.

    All sites have between 2-3 years old domains, unique design, high quality and unique content. 3 of the sites are prime domain names and one is with a Romanian TLD. All come with a CMS system.

    For the past 2 years they’ve generated thousands of signups and hundreds of players.
    Passive income, with no work, maintenance or expenses (other than hosting), is between $300-$1,000 a month.
    It’s important to emphasize again that at the moment the income from these sites is completely passive.
    If you put some effort in refreshing the content and promoting them further, you can get even better conversion out of them.

    Examples for ranking information in Google.ro: 4th for ‘Remi’, 7th for ‘Jocuri remi’, 8th for 'Rummy Royal', 3rd for 'Ruletă', 10th for ‘Ruleta online’ and many more.

    Optional – you can also get an affiliate account included.

    Price for all 7 sites + their 26 network sites is $40,000

    Additional information will be given to serious buyers.

    For more information you can PM or contact me directly at: money-games at gmx dot com

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