24K Affiliates Audit report (NEW)

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Guard Dog

Guard Dog
Staff member
Dec 13, 2006
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Hello AGD community,

Since we were informed that 24K Casino now operates without admin fees, we decided to perform the NEW real revenue share audit report for 24K Affiliates.

Again we tested their brand 24K Casino and used a welcome bonus.

Affiliate Reporting Platform: egass

Test signup and deposit is made from Country ‘Serbia’
Affiliate Reporting Platform.jpg

We deposited €20 / 0.00044 via BTC, the amount we received was €19.85 and took a welcome bonus of 150% up to 450.
btc value.jpg


Our funds with the welcome offer were €49.63 and we started playing some slots:
Game 1.jpg

Game 2.jpg

Game 3.jpg

Eventually, we lost all the funds and checked the earnings report:

For the deposit of €19.85 via BTC the Net Gaming Revenue was €19.85
Our earnings should be 45% of NGR which is €8.93
Our earnings are €4.96 which is equal to 25% rev share deal.

We contacted the 24K Affiliates representatives and asked why our earnings are set at 25% when the rev share type used for all campaigns is set at 45%.
The representatives advised that our commission was set up differently for some geos. The issue was resolved and the corrected earnings were added manually to our account.

To summarize, the Effective Net Gaming Revenue (the amount of money deposited and lost) is 19.85/19.85= 100%.

Finally, multiply the advertised revenue share rate with the Effective NGR to see your real revenue share rate, e.g:
  • 25% = 25 %
  • 30% = 30 %
  • 35% = 35 %
  • 40% = 40 %
  • 45% = 45 %

The result of the first audit report can be seen here.


24 years & still going!
Nov 28, 2013
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Seems like a few programs are starting to realise, affiliates aren't MUGS.

Kudos to 24K Affiliates, for not charging Admin Fees. Lets ALL start supporting programs who are NOT charging Admin Fees, and who are paying a TRUE commission %. Support those who do this, and kick those who don't.

Pretty soon the message will sink in ;)


Affiliate Guard Dog Member
Oct 17, 2017
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It is true, 24K Casino has quit charging the administration fee and it is a good gesture on the part of the administration of this casino. I totally agree with the previous message and that we should only promote those affiliate programs that treat affiliates with respect, dignity and full transparency. Although honestly 24k is still not very well known, however the brand is progressing, adding more and more games and payment methods. Let's hope that in 2022 things will be better and we will get more profits working with 24k casino.


Affiliate Guard Dog Member
Sep 14, 2010
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Finally, we start to see changes on some programs, I usually bark loud of. I do not mean this program but in general I believe more and more new casinos / programs understands the importance of affiliates. On some other topics, we have been treated as rookies when the programs defend their calculation of RS. On those, an advertised 45% deal is actually 27% or less.

24K is something I will try out, just because of this new amazing results, that are fair to both 24K as us affiliates.