10bet lies - Not paying affiliates and more

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    Hi all,

    Today I post some evidences about 10bet cheating affiliates (myself) and just now realize maybe is better to open a new thread to not hijack that post (who is about terms change.)

    10bet public says this:

    "Thanks for your comments. I would like to confirm that always had the 5 players minimum rule in place – the reason for this is to ensure that affiliates who sign up actually do promote us to an adequate level, hence both parties benefit from better performance. Of course, we’re open to make an exception for a special case and we pride in our flexibility with each and every affiliate.

    To clarify - the rule means that an affiliate should have referred at least 5 depositing players, before we start paying out the commission. The commission of course is accumulated in the affiliate account and released once the requirement is met."

    Read more here: (I cant had urls because I have less than 15 posts but the thread are on "Casino Industry Buzz and Terms Alerts" section)

    I'm (was) a affiliate since 2007 and refer more than 90 deposit players and this is a email I receive last month:
    "Regarding your commission query please note that you did not acquire 5 new depositing players during the first 3 months with us and you have not acquired any new depositing player during the last quarter.

    In order to receive your monthly commissions, a minimum of 5 new depositing players should be acquired no later than the 31st of August 2012, or 5 new depositing players should be achieved during the next quarter.

    Payments cannot be executed to Affiliate accounts which have not met the above mentioned requirements. Having that in mind your previous balance was transferred and added to the current one.

    Please, check our affiliates Terms and Conditions and let me know if you have any questions or if there is anything else I can do to assist you."

    Images on this topic: (I cant had urls because I have less than 15 posts but the thread are on "Casino Industry Buzz and Terms Alerts" section) show active accounts since 2007/2008 and a very similar email was received on 2010.

    So, 10bet representative lies!

    If you look at 10bet T&C: affiliates .10bet .com/terms_and_conditions/

    "4.6. Your 10Bet affiliate account must have a minimum of 5 active referred Customers before you will be eligible for any affiliate payment."

    Don't even talk about quarter or month, nothing!

    4.5. It is your responsibility as the affiliate to request payout once during every 12 month period. 10Bet reserves the right to withhold the relevant part of credit in case of failure to comply. <--- this is??!!? Only pays 1 time every year? :confused::confused::confused: Should be changed to 2 or 3 years to reflect the true!

    More... This condition says everything:

    4.7. Each month will carry the previous month’s balance, whether it is negative or positive.

    One thing is clear on the head of the person who made the Terms and conditions: This is the only condition 10bet honour, you will never receive! Balance will be forward whether it is negative or positive!!!

    And please note, I'm trying to solve this on a private way since 2010, but 2 years is more than enough to be paid.

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