LiquidWeb Hosting

LiquidWeb Hosting

When I first started in the business, it took me some time to find out that the hosts I used were horrible. That experience is something I don't want anyone to replicate. If you are NOT satisfied with your host - these guys are GREAT.


LiquidWeb Hosting comes in many flavors, but I can tell you from experience that these guys are excellent. I use them for many of my websites and what I have found is that anytime there is an issue (rare) they are on top of it as soon as they get a support ticket. That means within about 15 minutes max.

I have a Dedicated/Managed server, personally, as I feel that is the best way to go to keep your site's performance at it's peak (i.e., no other site can slow yours down).

However, they have a ton of options:

Dedicated Servers, VPS Servers, Cloud Servers, Shared Hosting
(and many flavors of each)

But the best is what they call their Heroic Support. Fully managed servers, support whenever you need it.


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LiquidWeb is absolutely the best host I have ever used. I have probably run through 10 different hosts using so-called quality hosts based upon webhostingtalk forums. Until I got to these guys, I was always dealing with issues they refused to help with.

The support team here is phenomenal and help me with tasks ranging from removing hacker-injected code to installing new versions of php or adding a module required to run another web software. Nothing is too small if you get managed support.