Eduardo - Eyenod Graphic Design!

Eduardo - Eyenod Graphic Design!

Hello everyone my name is Eduardo Mainero. I run Graphic Design - Eyenod Studios and want to make myself fully available to all of the members of this community. I work full time graphic design and cover A to Z of your graphic needs. Photography, Graphic, mascot, web, logo, banner and software - design, Illustration, 3d modeling and animation, story boarding and artistic digital and traditional painting. You can view my portfolio at Eyenod Studios or you can visit my deviant gallery for more human perspective at eyenod on deviantART Please e-mail me for any quotes or questions

And now, a few work samples:

Below you will find all original artwork made from scratch. I'm not just a 'grab image from iStockphoto' guy - I create the images as an artist and am proud of the design.

As you can see the workflow goes from the idea's inception to the final product.


Robotica was a full on illustrative project where the character was part of a 9 piece collection for a local event.


Insta-Casino is a work in progress for a responsive casino site


ACCA NAtion was a logo branding job for a sportsbooking site


Facebook and twitter branding needed? No problem, See how grand your social platforms can look with some Eyenod love :)


And last but not least the Hockey banner, one of many designs for a brand that was built from the ground up!


If you want any other samples of my work dont hesitate to ask ;)
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I have used Eduardo's services a lot and will say I have always been happy with the results. He is always willing to do revisions to get you exactly what you are looking for. I will use him again and again. If you would look at most of my website headers it is his work. Bottom line is quality work for a reasonable price.
Eduardo is a TOP-NOTCH graphical artist with reasonable prices. He has done all of the AGD logos to date from sketch to colorization. He also did a number of other graphical logos/mascots for me that were incredible.

If you are looking for a REAL graphical artist (not someone who grabs images off iStockPhoto) - then this is your guy. He is honest, hard-working, and comes up with designs based upon your ideas quickly.

Great working with Eduardo!