Blue Pointe Advisors, LLC

Blue Pointe Advisors, LLC

At Blue Pointe Advisors, LLC, I work with owners and chief editors to provide written content for their websites and other online marketing vehicles that projects a quality image of their company as well enhances the SEO of their online presence.

In an ever changing viral environment, it is vital that your marketing message cuts to the chase and remains relevant to today's consumer. What worked just six months ago is most likely already obsolete. Blue Pointe's job is to make sure your website content constantly remains updated, keeping your company ahead of the curve.

Specialties: We primarily work with sports information websites to produce weekly articles that consistently keep their site's content up to date in the ever changing world of professional and collegiate athletics.

Some of our current clients include Doc's Sports Services, SBR Forum, Golden Affiliates, Barscope Interactive and Sporting Charts. We also publish our own sports blog; EaglesLincs.

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The network of review website has been working with Dave for several years now. He is an extremely talented journalist and an extremely professional business person with a grandiose knowledge of sports to the point where using his articles on our review website increases the number of readers, which convert to real money players. In addition to offering articles that people read, convert, share with friends and on social networks, Dave is always on time. Dave under promises and over delivers.